Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Why should I create a website? Can’t I just use my Etsy or Facebook page?

Having your own website gives you one central place, which you fully control, to promote your brand and products. That extra level of control is vital to your growth and helps you effectively market outside of Etsy and Facebook as you gain a customer base.

Will CraftLaunch charge me for each item I sell?

No. We only charge our low monthly fee.

How do I tie my Etsy shop to my CraftLaunch site so the listings show up?

You create a link between your Etsy account and your CraftLaunch account that authorizes Etsy to share your listing data directly with your CraftLaunch website. The sign-up process shows you how to do this step by step.

What happens when someone wants to buy something from my site?

They click the Buy button and they are taken to Etsy and the item is placed in their cart automatically. From there, they click Checkout and complete the rest of the process just as any other Etsy shopper would.

How much does CraftLaunch cost? What is included in each plan?

Costs and features of each plan are detailed on our Pricing & Signup page.

How does the 15-day free trial work?

Simply sign up and you get 15 days to use CraftLaunch for free. No need to provide a credit card or make any commitment. Our support team is here to help make your trial a success by answering questions and sharing tips, tricks and best practices.

Get More Help

Where can I get more help?

Visit our Knowledge Base for more FAQs, articles, and tips.

Where can I ask a question?

Visit our Support Site and click on "Start a discussion."